Where to invest your money

Several solutions, according to the risk profile and the minimum amount to invest:


Identical conditions in the four investment solutions:
Underwriting commission : 0 %
Rescue Commission : 0 %
Management Commission : 0 %
Value always available
Possible redeposits anytime / any amount
Monthli capitalized or distributed income
You can monitor every movement, daily


Who will manage my money?
The management is carried out by companies specializing in Forex and other financial products .
Where will apply my money?
Your money is invest in the most liquid market in the world (Forex - foreign exchange market ) .
What is the broker used to Trade?
IronFX - Leading broker in the world.
I can see the trading movements ​​in my account?
Yes , you will have online access to your account . You have immediately access to the crendentials , which you can use to see the movements and your account balance .
And, if you want , you can open a new account to make your own trading by copying the management company.
What is the term of investment?
There´s no time. You will have access at the end of each month to the income generated on your account . Each month you can decide whether to keep or not the investment.
What is the minimum to invest?
Values ​​from 500 usd.
What documents do I need to open an account?
We need two documents: ID (colored scanned) and proof of address (electricity or water bill).
How can I deposit to activate my account? Which bank? What costs are there?
To active your account you can use bank transfer . You will have access to the broker’s IBAN. You can transfer through any account that you hold on any banking institution ( in your own name).

You can also use Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller and other methods.
Is my money safe in the event of bankruptcy of IronFX?
Yes it is. It is guaranteed by the following regulatory authorities:
- Guarantee Fund Investor FCA - UK ( 50 thousand pounds )
- Guarantee Fund Investor CySEC - Cyprus ( up to 20 thousand euros )
How do I withdraw my money?
You can request a transfer money to your banking account (there is no fees) . This option is always available.
Can I put more money in the future?
Yes , it is possible at any time (any amount).
The Funds management entities charge a percentage of the income?
Depends on the management entitie. The amounts charged can be between 0 % and 50 %.



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